Yutaka and Dawn in Long Beach, California

So I just got back from my first trip to California. I was expecting it to be warm and sunny, but it was a bit on the colder side. I didn’t think to pack a jacket! I also finally had my first In-N-Out burger, after all these years…Anyways, I was in Long Beach for my cousin, Dawn’s wedding. We were at The Coast Hotel overlooking the harbor.

I was one of three videographers, but I was only really needed during the ceremony. Thus I don’t have any good ceremony pictures…but the professional photogs took plenty.

I was able to take some photos throughout the day. Dawn really knew how to plan a wedding! The florist, photographers, DJ, and everyone else did a great job! It makes for a relaxing and fun atmosphere when you have the right people~

Mad props to my new cousin, Yutaka, who was as calm as could be on his wedding day even with his MBA finals next week!

Dawn had a ‘cherry blossom’ theme throughout the whole wedding ordeal. They were on the invitations and here you can see some details on the cake.

Make-up. No comment from me, except that the guys were hard at work getting ready while all of this was going on in the ladies prep room. =P

Flower girl held by her papa.

Table settings came in a little frame, so now I have a picture of them on my desk!

They were an ‘eharmony’ couple, so you can go and read about their success story online. Also, in the middle: a letter from the president. Apparently, if you send the White House an invitation, you get this nice card back in the mail.

Mom was the matron of honor. A great toast and speech. In fact, all the speeches were really good. It just goes to show how great these two are as individuals, and how great they are for each other.

Ringbearer gettin his groove on. It must be his Filipino side bustin out. =)

Keith doing his video thing. This couple left a funny message on the tape. Dawn and Yutaka can watch it in a couple weeks when the video is done. =)

The family gettin all into the “YMCA.” They didn’t quite make it to the dance floor for this one.

Pat breakin it down with the bride…I would try to remember what the ‘exact’ relationship is here…but I think Dawn explained it best in her packet of relatives and connections.

Mr. DJ himself before going into triple overtime for the party. The music seemed to get better and better as the evening went on. It helped that Y&D had some friends who really knew how to have fun.

Bridesmaids from Chi-Town-

Here’s a couple of Keith finally makin it out on the floor- makin sure he stopped enough to be clear in the slow sync flash.

ummm…no questions please. =)

same goes for this one. poor dawn.

here’s the ‘hip-hop’ version of their choreographed dance. Though this was an impromptu request, they NAILED it!

My favorite picture of the day….

Thanks for the fun day and great memories! Study hard Yutaka!

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