Randy & Tiffany’s Wedding!

I met Randy & Tiffany through Natasha, one of my brides from last year. (You can see her wedding pictures here) Not only is Natasha a moderator over at Chocolatebrides.com, she was also Tiffany’s wedding coordinator. So you know that there were all kinds of creative details and ideas. So a quick shout out to all you chocolate brides out there! =)

Before we start with the wedding pics…here are a couple from their engagement session.

You can see the rest of their eSession pictures here.

Randy & Tiffany were so relaxed on their wedding day! Randy was able to hang out with his boys and Tiffany was chilling in her bride’s room waiting for her make up.

Sporting the “sweetness” jersey before putting on the tux-

Tiffany had gotten Randy these really cool cuff links as a last minute gift…

Some of Natasha’s influence here…no doubt =)

We shot these images of the ladies before the ceremony while Tiffany was still getting ready…

Randy wanted some cool shots with the guys, so we were able to come up with a few-

After the ceremony we headed out to Buckingham Fountain for some shots of the newlyweds.

You gotta love the Stretch Limo Charger…

Here’s an image with some photoshop love to make it the way I saw it when I took the picture.

My favorite picture of the day…

With all these cameras…I’m not sure if I was even needed at the reception! =)

Natasha & Shomari! It was great seeing you guys again!

And here’s one last image…I love the expressions on all their faces. You could almost put little thought bubbles next to each one and fill in the blanks..

Thanks you guys! I had a great time! You have such wonderful family and friends! I wish you the best as you are now finally married after all those years! =)

Kenny Nakai

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