Phuc & Sherry’s Wedding!

Last month I had a great time shooting Phuc & Sherry’s wedding. I was with them the whole day…the most coverage ever. Two tea ceremonies. But the whole day went really fast due to Sherry’s great planning and a super fun bridal party. It was great to catch up with some old friends at this wedding as well.

I started with the guys as they were getting ready and decorating the limo-

How do guys figure things out in this digital age? With the help of Google of course! =)

These teddy bears were pretty difficult to fasten onto grill-

Meanwhile, the girls finalized the games the men were going to have to play for Phuc to get to Sherry-

Will they let him in?

Drink tea!

We headed out the the Adler Planetarium for some fun shots-

The reception was at Furama in Chinatown…and they have remodeled this place since I was last here a year ago.

We had some fun bridal party shots during the cocktail hour…their own little ‘photobooth’ moment-

Some more crazy games-

Thanks so much for a great time you guys! The schedule kept everything and everyone loose and chill- My prayers go out to you both as you begin your married life!

-Kenny Nakai

I leave you with one last shot…

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