Jon & Kim’s Wedding!

A couple weeks ago I had a great time with Jon & Kim on their wedding day. I was looking forward to working with them after meeting them at their eSession.

Here are some images from their engagement session last month. You can see the rest of the images here.

Kim started her day at the O’hare Sheraton. She was so laid back and chill. Smiling, laughing and having a great time calling all her friends and family.

She had a gorgeous dress and a traditional long veil with hand stitched details- Actually all of the little details were done by hand. From the wishing tree to the party favors. So much love put into all of it-

A time to pray before for the dress went on-

Like so many other Asian immigrants, Kim’s mother made sure her daughter had the opportunity to have so much more here in America. What a great time for Kim to have all her family and friends together from all over the world in the same room!

And what a gorgeous church! St. Mary’s of Angels! I was literally staring at the murals at their rehearsal. A gorgeous sanctuary.

And in true Olympic fashion…synchronized tear wiping! =)

This church was so gorgeous, we just HAD to take a couple shots before we left. So beautiful!

We headed out to the Adler Planetarium for some fun shots by the lake-

The girls were better at timing their jump and so they get their image posted. =) Even Kim jumped!

The reception was held next door to the Sears Tower at Pazzos. What a gorgeous venue- And thanks to Vanessa for helping me navigate the downtown area! =)

Check out the mini cakes Kim had! There was a kitten, dog, and other fun stuff made out of frosting.

The grand entrance!

Thanks to Jon & Kim for letting me pull them out of the reception to grab these next few shots.

Gorgeous lighting + beautiful bride = an amazing image. =)

And one last image after a long day… =)

Congrats you guys! I had a great time! It was a wonderful celebration!

with love,

Kenny Nakai

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