Guillermo & Maria’s Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to photograph Guillermo and Maria’s Wedding in Arlington Heights. They were a great couple and I’m glad to have been apart of their special day.

The pastor was pretty funny as he described the nature of the relationship Guillermo and Maria share. And though I have only known these two for a brief time, the pastor’s description was pretty accurate. Maria peeks over to her soon to be hubby after a good laugh…

The first kiss…and the beautiful stained glass…

And the wonderful ring…with the manicured nails =)

what a loving husband…kneeling before his beautiful bride, a reminder that if he could ask her for her hand all over again…he would.

A cool shot of the guys…

The arrival at the reception hall…with the lens flare of course:

A hilarious image below. But the scary part about it: that’s not Guillermo under there!

Before the reception, they pointed out that I got to witness their first fight. There was some confusion as to what type of drink she wanted. So cute…I feel forever apart of their lives having witnessed this little ‘miscommunication’.

During the cake cutting…there were some unexpected surprises that caught me off guard:

As I was witnessing this unfold…these were my thoughts:

“Oh no…you did not just get cake all over her ‘Oprah’s-makeup-artist’ done eyelashes!”

And for that, there must be retribution- =) She turned him into an Orc from Lord of the Rings.

After all that craziness…they made up on the dance floor as evident by their first dance together.

My favorite image of the night…such a beautiful moment:

Thanks you guys for letting me be apart of your special day!

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