With the Mesina’s at the Morton Arboretum

This past week, I got to spend some time with Frank and Julie’s family. We went to the Morton Arboretum for the afternoon, and I was completely surprised! Ten years ago, the last time I visited the place, there was nothing but trees and grass. Now, it’s like a mini theme park! If you have young children, or young nieces/nephews, I highly recommend this place. Interactive, educational, and fun!

They wasted no time in getting into the ‘doghouse’…

The I-man looking all cute and happy!


The magnifying glasses helped get a closer look at the cicadas

a ‘real’ close look:

Frank is also my financial advisor. I am thankful that he helped organize my finances. My only regret: that I never met with him earlier! I have saved so much for the future because of him! He would be glad to meet with you if you were interested. Let me know, and I’ll get you his email address.

Anyways, this is how Frank gets all his financial wisdom, he sucks the brain power out of his children. =)

The G-man all up on the ropes…

But the I-man got caught in the spider web and didn’t like it. Talk about intense emotional pain.

Yes…another emotional child rescued from the web by their daddy.

The eldest pumping water for his younger siblings. May he always be there for them as he gets older.

Mommy observing an apprehensive child…

And so I was taking a photo of Julie walking with one of the kids, when all of a sudden…this one walks right in front of my lens! Barely a foot away! It was SOOOOO CUTE! I had to refrain myself from putting the camera down and quickly snap the photo before the moment was gone!

My favorite shot of the day. Something about feet and toilets was making her laugh. A mother/daughter moment for sure. =)

What a blessed couple.

Thanks for a great time! May the Lord continue to strengthen you both as you raise your children for the Lord.

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