David & Cindy’s Family Photoshoot-

This family loves the outdoors. So we headed out to their neighborhood park for a photoshoot. After a short time, it was apparent that this family loves to laugh. In many ways, they reminded me of my own family as we tease one another on a regular basis.

David is a Pastor at a local church and their commitment to one another and their children was so very obvious.

Men throwing pebbles into the water- You gotta love their expressions-

This photo cracks me up. The younger brother is flexing over the older. And I doubt he would ever have done this had his older brother been on equal ground with him- =) A rare moment of superiority- I don’t even think the eldest knew about this picture. lol…

Frolicking through the field. Frolicking being the operative word.

Family frolicking…except Dad thinks he is a wide receiver at a football game.

Mother and daughter-

This image was my favorite family photo from the day-

In the middle of our shoot, we had a little family sharing time. Not only a time for photos, but a time to stop and verbalize words of appreciation towards one another. Too often in life, we neglect to stop and share our love and thankfulness to those closest to us.

I met these two at a wedding a couple weeks prior…and that led to this photoshoot-


Thanks you guys for an awesome time! You guys made me laugh so much! And there are so many funny pictures not posted here! =) Happy Holidays!

with Love,

Kenny Nakai

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