OIL 2008 Montrose, PA

Last week, I was able to return to Montrose, PA for my first OIL retreat in a long time. Something like 800 college & young adults in attendance. It was a blessing time, and a chance for me to worship and pray with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am also thankful to have been apart of the media team this year. Working with Kenny Kim, Duncan, Chris, Dan, and HK was such a privilege. You can see more photos from Kenny Kim’s website.

Through these images, I hope you can catch a glimpse of what OIL was like in 2008. I believe God challenged and worked in the hearts of each person. Praise the Lord! For information…head out to www.winteroil.org

This powerpoint slide caught us off guard!

For this last picture…if you’ve ever been to OIL…you know what this is. Not sure? I’ll give you a clue…we didn’t have a fog machine =)

Here’s to a great 2008! God bless!

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