Sunil & Theresa’s Engagement Shoot!

I am in the midst of a mini-vacation here. I tried the best as I could to clear my schedule the last week to rest while I could! =) My brother and his family are in from out of town and so we were in Wisconsin last week and are now hanging out in Chicago these past two days.

Well anyways, I wanted to post these images from an engagement session I had with Sunil & Theresa a while back. Did you ever talk with people and just feel like you’ve known them for a really long time? That’s how it was with Sunil & Theresa. We have so many mutual friends that it seemed like we knew each other for years.

I normally only shoot engagement sessions in the Chicagoland area, but for this one, we headed out to the lonely lands of DeKalb, IL. Northern Illinois University, where they both attended school. Both Sunil & Theresa were a bit nervous, but were totally up to doing whatever! We had a good time and I think the images came out ‘ok’ too. =) A special shout out to all my ‘brown’ friends checking in here!

And onto the images! And as always, comments & feedback are always welcome!

These guys were so much fun…and contrary to the next set of images, they really do like each other. You just don’t want to be in the room when things get a little tense. =)

This was a funny set as well. Just play “jaws” music in your head while viewing them-

I love Theresa’s red dress and Sunil’s red tie- The colors just pop out at you!

And lastly, my favorite image of the day-

Thanks you guys for an awesome time! I know your wedding day pictures will be even better as you are more ‘comfortable’ in each other’s arm! =) *inside joke everyone*

May He continue to prepare you both for your wedding day!

by His grace,

Kenny Nakai

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