Scott & Nora’s eSession!

If you can recognize this park, then you can consider yourself a knowledgeable Chicagoan. To be honest, I am a suburbanite myself, and have only come to know of this awesome park through photography.

But I digress….Nora has a background with art and photography, and so it meant a lot to me to be selected as her wedding photographer. I definitely capture the ‘moments’ throughout the day, but I really strive to do so in an artistic and creative fashion. I also try to come up with something artistic and creative for the portrait sessions.

It was brisk Chicago day…one of the first really cold days of the year. So we ducked under a bridge to step out of the wind and grabbed this shot-

Titled: “the two love birds” ***ok…sorry for the corny joke, but I couldn’t resist***

I love this photo as well-

They brought me to red phone booth! I love it! I love Nora’s look in this one-

She totally caught him off guard and just pushed him down when he was squatting for a photo- Totally spontaneous and so funny!

While we were driving Nora found this cool spot to shoot at- What a find!

And lastly, some images from their ‘photobooth’ moment during the photoshoot-

Thanks you guys for braving the cold and for even standing in goose poop- but I think it was worth it! =) Can’t wait until the wedding!

Kenny Nakai

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