Jon & Michelle’s eSession

A couple weeks ago I met Jon & Michelle at the museum campus right off LSD. It was a beautiful evening…even with the rap concert blaring in the background. Since it was a Sun evening, the only people out and abouts were those on a leisurely stroll. The setting sun provided awesome light throughout our time at the lake front.

Having fun with the shadows. Jon thought to do a “Catch Me if You Can” pose.

This was the first shot of the evening…also one of my favorites:

Having a nice, relaxing time.

Gotta love the columns of the Field Museum.

A kiss on her tippy toes. =)

He wasn’t ready for this one. Michelle liked to have these ‘sneak attack’ kisses. Kept me on my toes. =)

From Allen & Helen’s eSession, I thought to try the ‘dip’ again. This was their first ‘dip’ together. I think they hit it wonderfully. =)

Jon saw the moon and we were able to snap this photo…

Hanging out at the Field Museum…

Thanks so much for a great evening guys! Good luck with those dissertations! =)

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