Joe & Katie’s eSession!

Back when the leaves were changing colors, Joe and Katie had their engagement photosession at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL.

The park was packed with people on a popular Saturday afternoon, but it was large enough for us to find some secluded areas. Joe and Katie are managing a somewhat long distance relationship and so not only were they excited for the photographs, but also to just see each other.

In our roaming around the park, we found this gorgeous red and yellow tree! The changing of colors was perfect.

Katie grabbed some yellow leaves and threw them on Joe, I think it caught him off guard! lol…

In the midst of this set of photos, they bumped heads! They were laughing so hard! I love genuine moments- =)

The Arboretum has a maze made out of pine trees. Can you just see Joe looking for his Katie? I think I am titling this image, “Where are you my love?”

And one last set from their “photobooth” session of our time together-

I can’t wait for the wedding guys! I hope you are able to spend some time together this holiday season! =)

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