James & Susie’s eSession

I’ve known Susie for a number of years from our time together at Covenant Fellowship Church. And so I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted by her out of the blue to talk about wedding photography! Turns out, James and Susie have a mutual friend who introduced them to each other…and they haven’t looked back since. =)

We headed out to one of my favorite locations…the Chicago Botanic Gardens for a spring photoshoot. The tulips and daffodils were in bloom and full of color.

This picture cracks me up…

My favorite shot of the day…

My second favorite shot of the day… =)

So peaceful…serene…

Thanks James and Susie for braving a cold day! It isn’t supposed to be like this in April! But I think it was worth all the numb fingers and rocks in your shoes. =)

I pray that God would continue to work in your hearts as He prepares you for a new life together these last few months before your wedding!

by His grace,

Kenny Nakai

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