Jalon & Jenny’s eSession!

One of my good friends from U of I, Nancy, introduced me to Jenny…they are getting married very soon! Unfortunately, I was already booked on their wedding date =(

BUT they still asked me to photograph their engagement session! I always think it’s cool when I get to work with a couple even though I am booked on their wedding date…Anyways, it was a wonderful day in Chicago and we took pictures in Grant Park close to where Jalon lives. These two grew up together at CCUC in Chinatown but didn’t think of each other like that until recently. =) I’m sure all their friends were thrilled when they heard these two were getting together.

Anyways, there were a great couple to photograph as they were always smiling and goofing around. So enjoy the pictures! And as always, comments are welcomed and appreciated! =)

I crack up EVERYTIME I look at these next two sets of images-

Jalon & Jenny – God has prepared the two of you for this moment when the two of you shall become one. May He give the both of you strength and guidance as you continue to serve the diverse population of Chicago. I look forward to seeing you both sometime in the future!

by His grace,

Kenny Nakai

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