Idyl & Benny’s eSession!

For Benny & Idyl’s engagement session, we met up at Millennium Park in Chicago. However, you won’t see any pictures of the bean in this set. In fact, we decided to leave the touristy photos behind and just roam around the other parks near the lake. These days, I feel confined when shooting at a really ‘popluar’ site. I love just exploring and shooting what we find-

I think Benny was a bit ‘nervous’ about the shoot, but Idyl did a great job of keeping him loose throughout-

One of my favorite images from the day-

These two put me to shame. They are both avid runners and enjoy running 3+ miles at a time. It has been years since I have run a 3k. And I’ve only done that twice in my life! So here Idyl is showing Benny who’s really the better runner. =)

Gotta love the colors-

I love the moments when the couple opens up and shows their true smiles to you-

This photo is actually two photos into one. A quick example of HDR (High Dynamic Range). They wanted a photo with a bit of the skyline, so of course I wanted to make a cool one- =)

And lastly, their set from their ‘photobooth’ session- I LOVE the middle one-

Thanks for a great time! Can’t wait for the wedding! Maybe I will run a combined total of 3 miles by the time your wedding comes around! =P

Talk to you soon-


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