Cabin & Deb’s eSession!

To Cabin and Deb…you made my afternoon go by so quickly. I loved hearing your story over mocha and truffles. It was the perfect way to ‘warm up’ after a couple hours in the cold. Cabin…you are definitely CIA material. Deb…one day you will trust Cabin enough to have him carry you. =)

We headed out to Northwestern to take advantage of the architecture, the lake, and an empty campus. Cabin and Deb were constantly laughing and enjoying one another’s company. It was almost as if I was ‘interrupting’ a date and made for great images. =) Not only that…but I think we helped sell the campus to a couple groups of prospective high school students/parents.

So here you go…New York and Chicago…together. But remember Cabin…our buffalo wings rock! =)

One of my favs…

Another one of my favs…

And another one of my favs…ok…I know…too many favs…I’ll stop now. =)

Deb almost called it all off with this shove!

naw…she wouldn’t do that….

Thanks for a great time guys! I can’t wait till the spring! God be with you both as you prepare for marriage!

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