Aurum & Sarah’s “I hope she says yes!” photoshoot

Last night, after 2+ years of courting, my two friends, Aurum and Sarah finally got engaged! Aurum, my ex-roommate, employed Dennis Joy and I to document this whole experience.

Last Thursday, the three of us had a ‘walk through,’ with Aurum telling us where he wanted to go and where he was planning to propose. Dennis and I looked around to pick our hiding spots. A combination of ninja and sniper skills would be required for this shoot. =)

Fast forward to yesterday. The drizzling rain required a change in scenery for the proposal, as he originally wanted to be sitting on the grass. We would have to await Aurum’s text message to know where and when the proposal would occur. Due to the precipitation, many visitors left early and these two had the park largely to themselves.

Here they are entering the gardens…I am a good 150ft away behind a tree and a bush.

The drizzle lasted for about five minutes…and I must admit, it was easier to follow them through the rose garden with the umbrella showing their location.

Right before this shot, Sarah had turned around and I thought she caught Dennis and I both standing in the middle of the pathway shooting from behind! But apparently she didn’t see us…just yet.

While on the Japanese Islands, Aurum texted both of us a simple message: “bridge.” So I found a nice sniping spot and settled in. Dennis ended up hiding behind a small pine tree. I wish I had taken a photo of him crouched behind it. All the visitors thought he was a weird stalker or something. =)

When Aurum & Sarah went up on the bridge, a large group of twenty young girl scouts happened to be following. Their chaperones waited to give the couple a moment of privacy. One of them joked that it looked like he was going to propose. They were shocked when they saw him pull out the ring!

I think the next few photos speak for themselves.

After they hugged, all the little girls started applauding and cheering for them! It was soooo cute!

And of course she said “yes!” Aurum was stoked and Sarah was fighting the emotions. =)

One of my favorite photos of the day…

Aurum announced to his faithful viewers: “SHE SAID YES!” for one last round of cheers and applause.

This rock was passed down from Aurum’s mom…down from her mom…now to Sarah.

The happy couple…laughing about the whole ordeal and enjoying the moment.

This grassy area was the original spot where Aurum wanted to propose…

Sarah just found out that the ‘study group’ that Aurum was with last Thursday wasn’t really a study group from Trinity. =)

Admiring the new addition on her left hand.

At this point…Aurum and Sarah were almost walking on air. Their faces were glowing. =)

The sun peaked out from behind the clouds to provide some great lighting. I also liked how the sun added to their natural ‘glow.’

Aurum giving himself some cred after a well planned proposal. =)

One last group shot before we headed downtown to lounge and celebrate. The happy couple with their sniper ninjas.

Headed out to Japonais on Chicago Ave. Amazing ambiance. Great recommendation from Aurum’s sister.

The lounge area was open air to the river walk. Beautiful. Perfect weather. Pretty dark, so not too many shots indoors. Here’s one as Aurum retells the story to the group…

The ladies…

The guys… (photo credit: Sarah)

Funny pic with everyone (photo credit: Dennis) Mad props to all who drove from Chambana to celebrate with the happy couple!

What a wonderful day! If you want to hear the rest of the stories, be sure to track them down for more details.

Aurum & Sarah: It was a privilege to be apart of it all. Congrats and…Praise the Lord! May He continue to use you both as you serve him faithfully!

I had so much fun with this…if you would like to book a “I Hope She Says Yes!” photoshoot, email me at =)

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